Application State的可流通性

在Server Farm的架構下,ASP.NET允許透過State Services/State Server來進行狀態保留,用來存放Session State的相關資料,這樣在某一個W3WP失效時,使用者仍然可以保留工作中的資料。

相對的,是否Application State這種全域性的記憶體共用變數,是否可以被移轉到State Services呢?經過多方的查找,答案是不可能的,請自己用Database溝通。傷心啊!

微軟官方的說明:ASP.NET Application State Overview

Application state is not shared among multiple servers serving the same application, as in a Web farm, or among multiple worker processes serving the same application on the same server, as in a Web garden. Your application therefore cannot rely on application state containing the same data for application state across different servers or processes. If your application will run in multi-processor or multi-server environments, consider using a more scalable option, such as a database, for data that must preserve fidelity across the application.
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